The dimensions shown in the CAD files could differ slightly from those indicated on the product sheet. N.B: the CAD files available on our website are copyright-protected and are proprietary to HMD Interiors. The company authorizes their use exclusively for interior design purposes. Any other use is strictly prohibited.


163 KB (zip)


671 KB (zip)


764 KB (zip)


10 MB (zip)

bull collection

7 MB (zip)

cala sofa

3 MB (zip)

isac walnut & rattan

3 MB (zip)

mora bench

466 KB (zip)

mora console

275 KB (zip)

mora side table

309 KB (zip)

negroni showcase & sideboard

791 KB (zip)

pena chair

3 MB (zip)

sera low table

223 KB (zip)

loto dining table

834 KB (zip)

sera table

394 KB (zip)

padda dining table

167 KB (zip)

tata dining table

489 KB (zip)

pico lamp

83 KB (zip)

frog coffee table

108 KB (zip)

aristo tables

64 KB (zip)


2 MB (zip)

bistro modular bench

13 MB (zip)

bobo lamp

824 KB (zip)

brick modular shelves

926 KB (zip)

bull pouf

2 MB (zip)

demetrio sofa

13 MB (zip)

dewa desk

459 KB (zip)

dinn sideboard

633 KB (zip)

duck side table

1 MB (zip)

federico sofa

4 MB (zip)

fit modular system

422 KB (zip)

g cabinet

266 KB (zip)

g console

265 KB (zip)

gaspar armchair

22 MB (zip)

geo extension tables

1 MB (zip)


417 KB (zip)

lappa bar

230 KB (zip)

lappa cabinet

380 KB (zip)

lappa sideboard

600 KB (zip)

lili chair

939 KB (zip)

lola dining table

94 KB (zip)

lola side table

256 KB (zip)

magma sofa

4 MB (zip)

minimimi armchair

4 MB (zip)

moledo bench

824 KB (zip)

moma chair

2 MB (zip)

moon high stool

638 KB (zip)

moon side table

3 MB (zip)

moon stool

633 KB (zip)

nudo chair & armchair

3 MB (zip)

ombro bed

227 KB (zip)

oslo sideboard

548 KB (zip)

pi armchair

9 MB (zip)

pia side tables

6 MB (zip)

please bar table

159 KB (zip)

please coffee & side tables

2 MB (zip)

please dining table

3 MB (zip)

pudim armchair

2 MB (zip)

pudim bench & sofa

2 MB (zip)

qual chair

1 MB (zip)

ri bed

1 MB (zip)

too metal

419 KB (zip)

too simple

539 KB (zip)

trape dining table

184 KB (zip)

tri dining table

788 KB (zip)

tri side table

3 MB (zip)

tuco sofa

2 MB (zip)