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The BENTO screen partitions divide a room while adorning it. Inside the solid wood frames, you can choose to have your screen made with brass mesh or rattan, which allows for the light to get through. This is a highly customizable product, since we make several 50cm panels, allowing you to add as many as you want to make your BENTO the perfect width, and even into a cornered structure. If you want any mesh panels that are independent from the front panel, we can connect them to the main screen with hinges. The front panel is made of wood veneer, in the same colour as the frames – an Ash Stained Walnut Tone. Between this panel and the screens there is a led strip light with a switch. We can also add power plugs to the panel should you need them. We invite you to draft your BENTO according to the needs of your space – whether this is your office, a bedroom, living room, or even a restaurant – and send it to us.


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