To start personalizing your TOO begin by choosing between the Square or the Round shape. The Square is available in Wood Veneer, Lacquer and Microcement. For the ROUND you can pick Lacquer or Microcement.

Please note that Microcement is an artisanal technique and the color is defined by the way in which the artisan works the spatula. As such, we cannot guarantee that the colors are always going to be the same. Imperfections are part of the piece and should not be seen as flaws. We can, however, guarantee that all Microcement pieces will have an excellent protection treatment applied. For more information please read the Microcement Technical Sheet on the Materials page.

The base is made in Stainless Steel, and you can see all the available colors in the Technical Sheet.

Select your material

The TOO table is offered in an exquisite selection of materials. Customize your piece by choosing your preferred wood, crafting a piece of furniture that is uniquely tailored to meet your needs and reflect your style.


The TOO simples table is available in 2 configurations:


EN 323;
EN 319;
EN 382-1;
EN318; ISSO 3340;
EN 13984:2004+A1:2015;

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